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Our latest acquisition is an original 1950 Eames Fiberglass Shell Chair with Eiffel Base (Model: “DAR”-Dining Armchair Rod) in parchment color produced in Gardena, CA by Zenith Plastics for Herman Miller. It features a rope edge, big swirly fibers, large hockey puck shock mounts, with faded but still identifiable checkerboard label (the bottom right pic is what the label should look like). This almost translucent chair was part of the original first generation production. Exciting to think that Charles & Ray could’ve been in the same room supervising the actual production!

We shelled out $75 (down from $100) to pay a friend who was a live-in nurse to a ninety-three year old woman who has since passed. The woman said her dad purchased the chair when it first became available. What made our heads shake was when our nurse friend said she inherited all of the woman’s vintage home furnishings and donated all of it…except for this chair.

It’s in great condition and everything is original but missing one foot glide!


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