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you don't understand nothing, you exchange sophia loren for 'other artist. you should be ashamed

Ashamed? That’s pretty harsh. Admitting to error in mislabeling a post?  Of course. I’m only human, after all.

Try to have a good day and not let stuff like this bother you. There are far more important things to worry about.

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  1. gs-23 said: ashamed? Good grief. People make mistakes from time to time. I personally find Your info more accurate than most tumblr folks. All the Best “HaT”
  2. 714lsbr said: *all *of
  3. misslalapresents said: Well said! I cant abide online trolls!
  4. mlrmunchkin said: clearly an english scholar themselves ;)
  5. syncopeandstarfleet said: @hollyhocksandtulips you are such a gracious and classy woman. Anonymous, if you have something to say don’t be rude. You’re just a coward hiding behind an anon post.
  6. shegetsby said: Shaaaaaame on you, Monica! Lol, what a crock of sh*t.
  7. flummery said: "don’t understand nothin"? Ah trolls…
  8. siteforsoreeyes said: wow….. can you be my inner monologue. You’re so serene and calming.
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